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This ‪#‎mala‬ has become my most prized physical possession. It was crafted with love and ceremony by the dynamically talented Lauren Sheehan after a session she facilitated for me on feminine energy and root/sacral chakra opening. It is made of turquoise, jasper and garnet, and adorned with rose, wood, and a jaguar charm. All of the materials have symbolic meaning and energetic properties designed specifically for me. I haven’t taken this off since I received it, and I don’t plan to. It’s such a special piece.
Thank you so much, Lauren.
— Erin Mirelli

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I am Lauren Nicole Sheehan. I am Daughter of Gitza, Granddaughter of Nidia Esther, Great Granddaughter of Mercedes. I am daughter of the paternal houses of O’Siochain (which was anglicized to Sheehan) and Lindmeyer. I am a daughter of the motherlands of Europa, from ancestral peoples of Bohemian, Alemanic, Castillian , Welsh and Irish Gaelic lands. My Castillian ancestors made their way to the motherlands of the Panamanian highlands and Colombian rainforest where they mixed with indigenous peoples of the Ngäbe and likely the Embera. I was born of these roots and onto the original homelands of the Arapaho and Cheyenne peoples, in Colorado, where I still live and make my home, family, and work with my husband and son whose patrilineal name is Hyde (which would require it’s own paragraph of ancestral remembrance).

I learned to make Malas from a friend, Sierra, who learned to make them from a woman named Sarita, a tibetan woman who owns Tibet Imports in Denver, and who has likely taught maybe everyone in the greater front range area who now makes mala necklaces. From there, I followed my intuition and my own curiosity and have been self taught in most all my other art forms.

I have learned and am still learning the art of ancestral reclamation from my teacher, Murshida Va, who is a Sufi Elder and Murshid.

My Womb is my ancestral memory guide.

I am the founder of Feminine Rhythm, Creator of the Living your Creative Rhythm Online Course and other online education on female embodiment and womb centered living and creativity.

I am mother to a son, and many other yet to be born children.

I am a wife to my husband. My king.

My Commitments in my Crafting

I use real stones and the best quality I can find. 

I work with local sellers and designers as much as I can. 

I honor the rhythms of my body, and the earth seasons in my creative process.

I do not neglect my children, family, or body in order to create your piece.

I create high quality and intentional jewelry that brings healing, beauty, joy, and meaning to your life. 

I’m a medicine woman at heart, and so it is important to me to create something that has meaning for the person receiving it. That is part of the medicine of them. Each stone I choose, each color I pick, each guru stone or pendant I make, tassel, or adornment that goes into it is very personal and specific to that person.
— Lauren Sheehan